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$35.00 Baylor Hat
Baylor Hat $35.00 ($US)
$28.50 Baylor Key Fob
Baylor Key Fob $28.50 ($US)
$165.00 Beer Cans Belt
Beer Cans Belt $165.00 ($US)
$165.00 Bill Fish Belt
Bill Fish Belt $165.00 ($US)
$165.00 Bourbon Belt
Bourbon Belt $165.00 ($US)
$165.00 Caddyshack Belt
Caddyshack Belt $165.00 ($US)
$85.00 Duck Money CLip
Duck Money CLip $85.00 ($US)
$165.00 Front Nine Belt
Front Nine Belt $165.00 ($US)
$165.00 Shamrock Belt
Shamrock Belt $165.00 ($US)
$165.00 TCU Belt
TCU Belt $165.00 ($US)
$55.00 TCU Cufflinks
TCU Cufflinks $55.00 ($US)
$65.00 TCU Flask
TCU Flask $65.00 ($US)
$89.50 TCU FLip FLop
TCU FLip FLop $89.50 ($US)
$28.50 TCU Key Fob
TCU Key Fob $28.50 ($US) 2 Likes
$85.00 TCU Money CLip
TCU Money CLip $85.00 ($US)
$115.00 TCU Wallet
TCU Wallet $115.00 ($US)
$165.00 Texas A&M Belt
Texas A&M Belt $165.00 ($US)
$65.00 Texas A&M Flask
Texas A&M Flask $65.00 ($US)
$165.00 Texas Flag Belt
Texas Flag Belt $165.00 ($US)
$89.50 Texas Flip Flop
Texas Flip Flop $89.50 ($US)
$25.00 Texas Key Fob
Texas Key Fob $25.00 ($US)
$165.00 Texas Tech Belt
Texas Tech Belt $165.00 ($US)

In 2004, while roommates at Bowdoin College, we decided to start a company that offered needlepoint belts. We had each been gifted a needlepoint belt from our then girlfriends and became intrigued with these unique accessories. After looking to buy finished belts, we realized that there wasn’t a company that featured these timeless items. From the ...... Read More