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Gay Lebourg at Calaisio
January 12, 2021
Green relates to our mother nature, also brings a well-being sense to our interior.

Discover Calaisio`s light mint green beaded placemats which is also a symbol of sustainability. Visit us at Rosse & Associates, B2 Suite 8-818
Sharing few ideas of how to play with your china on this « stay at home » time and also a cheat sheet to set up the most fancy table 
Cece Christian picture
December 14, 2020 • 03:03 PM
Cece at Gaines Jewelers:
Great illustration and I love these fun pattern combos!

Jason Solarek picture
December 15, 2020 • 09:17 AM
Jason at Bridge:
cool drawing ;)

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Adam Sigel picture
Adam Sigel at MARIPOSA
December 4, 2020
That’s what it’s all about.

So simple. Setting a table for family and friends. Sharing gifts and memories. Whether you’re in person or via Zoom, you should start with casual cocktails — in Mariposa’s favorite new glasses—and take it from there.

Mirroring nature with a rare combination of refined ceramics and sculpted metals, Mariposa's White Ceramic Tree with handcrafted aluminum Star is the perfect blend of elegance and whimsy ...Read more of post

Gay Lebourg picture
Gay Lebourg at Calaisio
August 30, 2020
I’d do a little decorating without using the traditional orange.
They work wonderfully for transitioning from summer into early fall.

natural elegance, extraordinary durability
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Adam Sigel at MARIPOSA
July 31, 2020
Set the mood and make waves with Mariposa's Alabaster Collection.

Find your color:
Green, the color of 2020, is renowned for being calm, gracious, and balanced.
Aqua, the color of endless summers, adds the exclamation point to your seaside setting. 
Blush, with its opulent swirls of color, is sure to be a head-turner at your next gathering and is the perfect touch for this season's festivities.
Stone is rich in both form and finish.

The Alabaster ...Read more of post

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Jim Gouldin at Herend
July 29, 2020
While it has often been used as a complement to Herend's patterns, this dramatic decorative border really comes into its own when it gets top billing. Fish scale is available in multiple shapes in 8 colors: raspberry, rust, brown, gold, two shades of blue, and two shades of green.
Gay Lebourg picture
Gay Lebourg at Calaisio
June 20, 2020
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natural elegance, extraordinary durability

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