About Arche Of Bees: Our Design team first created our Arche of Bees collection to express the beauty of the European Honey Bee and the blooms they tend. “Bee”autiful bees and bountiful blooms inspire and adorn the pieces in our Arche of Bees Collection. In ancient Greek, the word arche describes the element and first principle of existing things, meaning from this all things first come to be. Bees are vitally important to the environment, they embody the “arche” of natural flora world over, in their role as pollinators they propagate the beginning of the crop that will grace all tables, as food on the plate, flowers in the vase or wine in the glass. Vagabond House shares the global environmental concern about the loss of feral honeybees over the past decade, in honor of our Arche of Bees Collection; we support research for preservation of these tiny, noble workers. We like to think of this as our “bee”ginning collection, a celebration of bees and all that they “bee”gin, we “bee”lieve our Arche of Bees serve ware will “bee”gin many beautiful occasions celebrated with your family and guests and are always honored to “bee” invited to the tables of our discerning customers.